Monday, May 26, 2008

Complete - for now

After 45 bags of sand / mortar mix, sickness, and two nights of long hours we are finally done; with this section of the patio at least. Sharla helped out a bunch on the last night when I was sick. She loaded and unloaded bricks and moved them in the wheelbarrow all by herself. She tipped over a couple times but got the hang of it. Talmage and Grant were also huge helps in the getting of bricks originally and in the loading and unloading of bricks to daddy. Not too sure what Chica did but play in the sand. Glad to have this done and up next will be the garden area path, wood deck in front of the back door, patio cover and shed. Glad to know I'm 20% complete. The patio isn't perfect but all its imperfections just add character.

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Tink said...

Way to go - it looks great! (: