Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Happy Memorial Day!

When I was growing up my family had, and still continues, a tradition of visiting the cemetary for Memorial Day, however, being over 15 hours away from it this year we accepted an invitation to our friends home for dinner and water fun instead. Let's just say that the kids had an awesome time!

It didn't take Talmage long to figure out that the slide was way cool! He got brave really fast too.

Sandra and Grant were not so daring, but loved the little pool once it got filled up. They both did end up trying the big slide and liking it by the time we were done, but the little pool was tons of fun too :).

Here is Talmage getting more daring. It's amazing to see your child have no fear of something like that!

Sandra's favorite part was being friends with their daugther, Sarah, who is 9. She was so good with Sandra and I think she had as much fun as Sandra did. It's fun to see girls loving each other, no matter the age difference!

Everything really was great. The only complaint was that Sandra (and me and Jeff a little) got eaten alive! I even put on the bug repelant, after I saw the first bite, but they still thought she tasted good. Poor thing. This will take a little while to recover from. It's a good thing she still remembers all the fun she had and not just complaining about the bug bites! Such a good attitude for a little girl!


Aubrey said...

That looks like so much fun . . . well, minus the giant bug bites. Poor Sandra! And totally cute picture of Sandra and Sarah!

randivon said...

Okay... Aubrey stole my comment almost word for word. Well, for what it is worth, that looks like so much fun... except for the bug bites. Mary keeps getting bit like that and then continually telling me it itches and that she needs cream and medicine. So much fun! :-)

luvmykids said...

They sure didn't have cool stuff like that when I was little. Lucky kidos! I love that picture of Sandra! She is just so cute!