Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Play Room?!?

So we changed some rooms around in our house last Saturday. The kids play room became Jeff's new office/study room and the boys room became a big play room. The boys are downstairs and sharing a room with Sandra and Mhari has her own room (until she's a little older and the 2 girls will be together). I didn't really mind the changes because it seems that the kids are never in the play room so giving them more room would be good anyway. Jeff's office seems nice too, not too big and out of the way so he can focus.

So here is the new study room... notice the blanket under the table and the shape toys on the floor....

And here are the kids in their old play room... hmmm. I wonder if it's funner to play in a room they're not supposed to be in than in a room full of toys. They just won't seem to stay out of it. Maybe they just think that the office chair is a toy so that works for them (they love to spin around in it!).

This is what the room looks like with the three beds. There is no room for the dressers, but we are working on getting a bunkbed for the boys to free up more space. This is also one of the few rooms left to be painted. Once the girls are together we'll probably paint and help it become more of a "boy" room. The kids do pretty good together so all in all the switching of the rooms has been a huge success. I just need to find some homes for the misplaced items with all of the moving around. Such is life.

With all of the cuteness of the kids I just couldn't not post this Mhari picture. This is Jeff's favorite hat and we have a photo of each kid about this age wearing it. Just too cute! She's such a fun baby!

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quinnfam said...

wow, lots of moving around but change is always fun (actually, I'm still trying to convince myself of that). I love the picture of Mhari! She is just too cute!