Sunday, June 29, 2008

By their fruits . . .

Or vegetables.... hmmmm

This gardening thing is harder than it looks :). This is our beautiful bell pepper. I was so excited to see something actually growing! It got pretty big (for our first pepper) and I was getting ready to go pick it when the kids came in and said that the pepper fell off. Well, "fell off" was a relative term. It was more like "broke off" when the soccer ball was kicked into the garden. Man, that was the first ball to hurt the garden (to my knowledge) and it took out half of the plant! I was happy to find another small one that had been growing lower on the plant, but that broke off as well. Well at least that's two peppers for the season. I doubt the plant will make a full recovery after the soccer abuse. One of the corn plants also took the hit pretty hard so we'll see how that one turns out.
I have been expecting a better harvest, but I guess there is a shortage of honey bees so there are pollenation problems. It could be worse, at lease something grew that was edible (it was yummy too!).

Wasn't it so pretty on the plant!

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