Monday, June 16, 2008

Time Off

So some people when they take time off to visit family go out to fun places, relax, play games, etc., but not my in-laws. The kids love it when Grandma and Grandpa come to visit (it helps that they bring surprises, water guns, books, food). They come to see the grand kids often. However, they (mostly my mother-in-law) are very helpful when they come too and don't like to sit around. They have come out to visit several times and we always get something productive done (a lot of painting, building a work bench, putting up shelves in closets, etc). This time was no different. The first project was building a shelf unit for our old armour doors for a cupboard in the little hall by the master bedroom.

My father-in-law got it all done while Jeff was busy still working. It looks great and gives us so much more storage than before.

One of the other things they do is take us shopping for food when they come. That cupboard would still be bear without the recent shopping trips. The picture is to document that at one time it was full :)

Another project was building the boys a bunk bed. This is part of their Christmas present from Grandma and Grandpa and let's just say that they love it. It's nice that their room is looking more like a bedroom too :). Jeff and his dad work well together and get some great things put together. The bunk bed was done in one afternoon. Not all projects go as fast as they seem they should, but that was really impressive!

We also took out our front Holly bushes. They attract all sorts of bugs, they are prickly, and they covered up the front window so out they came. We still have some work to do to finish taking them out and turn it into a path and a little flower bed, but it is better than it was!

After the week of "time off" I think this photo of Jeff and his dad say it all! It's hard work to go on vacation!

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Amanda said...

Wow what great in-laws you have! My father in law would be that way too but he has health issues so he has Idea's but can never can get to it. And my mother in law likes to clean when she's here. so it kinda like yours but not as productive! Everything looks great!