Thursday, June 5, 2008

What is going on?

So during quiet time today I had a little nap :). It was so nice. I got up because I thought I heard a noise and also Mhari was talking. So I go and check on everyone and Sandra is awake. She had fallen asleep on the way home from basketball and didn't eat lunch. I figured she was hungry so I asked her if she wanted lunch. When I looked in her room I saw all of these little black things on the floor. It reminded me of rodent droppings. Sandra has been potty training and hadn't gone stinky in a few days, but that didn't look like anything she's ever done.

The only person I knew who would know what it was and how it got there was Talmage. He rarely naps during quiet time and has been a little devious the last few days. When I asked him what it was he said it was sprinkles. That at least made me feel better about the resemblance to the rodant droppings! However, the sprinkles are in the cabinet up by the refrigerator, by the stove. How did he get up there, rummage through the spices (lazy susan) and get out the sprinkles? Yesterday during quiet time he got down a hacky sack from the top of the fridge and some money from our change cup (also on top of the fridge). Then this morning he helped himself to some cookies (and was happy to share with his siblings) from off the counter. I know some children are sneaky, but Talmage never has been. I feel like someone has traded me children as part of a pratical joke, only this isn't funny. I saw Grant climbing our pantry shelves yesterday too. I'm sure Talmage's influence has yet to reach it's peak, but man this is getting crazy. His story of why he got down the sprinkles was because Sandra was hungry. That's nice that he's trying to take care of his sister, but seriously what's with sprinkles, why not make a sandwich if he's going to be independant? I must say that by this point of his sneaking around I had him go to time out for the rest of quiet time in which he fell asleep. Is he just not sleeping well and his mind can't remember what ever logic he used to have?

After it was all over we talked more about it (and I vacuumed up the sprinkles) I found a fruit snack wrapper too (those are in the very top of the pantry). I asked him why he gave Sandra a fruit snack. He said because she was still hungry. Who knew sprinkles wouldn't fill her up :). Evidently he started with the fruit snack and then moved on to the sprinkles. He had the sprinkles put back really well like I would never know what happened. I guess all of the sprinkles on the floor were a little less important to try and hide.  I think this is going to drive me crazy if he keeps it up. I'm glad he wants to be independant and all, but we have now had several conversations about stealing (the money incident) and lying (he ususally says I don't know, or won't admit anything until I find the evidence; fruit snack wrapper). I know it's just going to get harder, but this has been pretty shocking to me, especially from Talmage (Sandra has been the sneaky one of them all so far). Help!


Amanda said...

Aww the fun is just begining. Alex is my instigator still to this day. I think they seem good cuz they are the oldest and we are able to keep an eye on them all the time then they think I need to help mom or what ever they think and get into the trouble. If you can find a way to fix it tell me cuz I still have problems with that. Good Luck!

Karen said...

Hey Sharla, I just found your blog and wanted to say hi!
Your cousin, Karen

Tink said...

I don't think there is one "right answer." You have to know your child and what reaches them. My two boys respond completely different to the same tactic, so I have to adjust accordingly.

Possible ideas: a child-safe lock on the cabinet, and/or consequences that will really impact him (like taking away a snack time, or a favorite animal?). Good luck! I wish I could be more help. I do think this is sort of a phase/testing period that he will grow out of.

All that said, though, keep in mind what a good kid overall he is. In the grand scheme of things, it could be a LOT worse. (: