Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Baby update

So it's been a while since we've updated on our "little" Mhari. She has been doing so much that we wanted to show her off. Warning...this will be a lot of cute baby overload. Enjoy :)

Rolling! She loves to play on the floor - as long as someone is around. She doesn't enjoy being left alone though. I'm glad that her siblings "play" with her for me when I need to be getting something else done! It's amazing that it can be easier to be a mother of 4 than of just 1!

Eating! She is not a big eater and she never has been. She takes about 10 bites or so of the baby food before she's done. I think it's ironic that my child that doesn't eat much is the biggest one of them all (at least in length)! It's fun to see her progressing!

So this is one of my favorite dresses that Mhari has. I love that the little baby bonnet coordinates so well with it! I just couldn't help taking lots of pictures of her (you just get a sampling). The quilt was a gift from the R.S. pres in the ward and her daughter. What a beautiful backdrop :). She also smiles really good for me now so that makes taking pictures even more fun!

Too cute!

Sandra couldn't help wanting a turn. She is cute too and getting so big I figured she could show off a little too :)


oshee said...

You have such beautiful children. I loved watching you be mommy during your last visit. You are an inspiration. And Sandra continues to remind me of you at that age. :)

Rice Family said...

You have the cutest kids!

luvmykids said...

Mhari is so cute! I love how big she is. Reagan refused baby food so we fed her people food. That quilt is beautiful.