Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Watermelon and Pun'kin

Yes it's another garden post... but I couldn't help it :). We are getting watermelons and they are so cute that I had to share! We have about four or so little ones like this.

But this is our main attraction. It has doubled in size in the last few days and I can't wait for it to be big enough to eat. We are also getting carrots and more bell peppers. I don't know why the harvest has been so slow this year, but we are grateful for everything we get to enjoy. It is really such fun :).

Ok, so it's not all about the growing garden... We also have a pun'kin growing in our yard :). That's Jeff's nickname for her just in case you were curious. She gets around really well now and loves to be outside. I just wish she would walk so she could avoid all of the little bugs that live on the ground. She also crawls kind of funny with one foot out to the side because she learned how to crawl in skirts.

Isn't she just so cute!

What a great time of year for fall and pun'kins :)


Christy said...

Pretty watermelons! Mine were about that big when my chickens decided to peck them open and eat the insides.:(

Anonymous said...

Dang I wish we had a garden,, because it's in the plans. Thanks for sharing you way to cute pun'kin,dosen't get any better, fresh goods from the garden and good lookin babies

Aubrey said...

Sorry, but I think the pun'kin is cuter, although I am impressed by the watermelons! We planted watermelons too. Did you know you had to water them to make them grow? Who knew? Next year, I think we're doing a garden like yours!