Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ode to the Library

We have been spending may days at the local library. They have started up their story time on Fridays for little ones which we attended last week. They do a craft along with the stories so Grant and Sandra got to make rainbow fish. They love their fish :). We have also been going and letting the kids pick books, imagine that. I have always been concerned that letting them get books would be a problem because they would either loose them, rip them, or the baby would get them. None of these things have happened yet so that is nice. I have even been letting them pick a movie from the library. Yes we have plenty of movies, but it is always nice to get a new one to enjoy. Sometimes the movies are too scratched to watch which is a bummer, but otherwise it is nice to have something we usually don't watch (plus it's free!).
For our FHE last night we went to the library. They do a bedtime story night with milk and cookies once a month. Jeff was studying so we trucked out on a field trip for FHE. The kids had a great time. I would say it helped to have the milk and cookies, but my kids really do love books. Talmage has even gotten to go to the library at school and borrow a book. Maybe our love of reading has to do with Talmage's great reading.
Out of all of the fun of the library, I would add that it would be nice if it was a little closer. Oh well. It gets us out of the house and the books keep my kids entertained for days! I love my happy reading little ones :).


Anonymous said...

The library does rock. I need to get to our one. We just moved so now it is a new experience.

Katie Busken said...

We love the library (though it's really hard for Riley to whisper). Riley was able to get a library card and join the summer reading club. It's too fun to see the books kids pick and then watch them check them out on their own!