Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Reality Bites

Last night at a card party with some friends our blogging was discussed and how it seems that some people do such wonderful things... well we concluded that the things we blog are a small percentage of our lives and that the other time is normal everyday stuff that everyone else is doing too. To prove this we are doing a reality series :). This is my day in the life of well... me :) and to tell the truth sometimes reality bites , spits up, hits, or screams depending on your personal reality.
That brings us to the above photo. Jeff had a lot of reading to do last night and was staying up late to finish it up. This morning at 5 am I wondered why he never came to bed and went to see if he was still working on school work. Thankfully no, he had gone to sleep on our comfy couch around 1 am, but still had work to do. I told him I would be up in a while to wake him up. Here he is praying before his hop in the shower and get out the door for the rest of the day reality.

Here are Mhari and Cody. They like to get into trouble together. In this photo Mhari is holding her night light that Cody has taken out of the outlet in her room. One of these days someone is going to get shocked! I'm doing better at keeping Mhari's door shut, but they are fast when it's open.

Here is Cody playing with the diaper pail. I guess following instructions isn't easy for 1 year olds. Needless to say I've told him not to play with it, but it's still a problem. If I don't notice he's played with it then my house starts smelling and little bugs start finding new homes in the diapers... gross.

Out of all of the crazy reality here are a few sweet moments. I love quiet time in my house. Everyone went down pretty well today and sleeping children are just so precious! Grant with the leopard blanket was just too good to pass up!

Here is my Mhari. She woke up early from naps/quiet time, but she was so fun to play with that I didn't mind. She is so ticklish and laughs really well now. I also think that she is a beautiful baby which is a good think when half of the time she's snotty, cranky and teething. I wouldn't trade my reality, but it's not always fun or blog worthy to say the least :).
I hope you have enjoyed sharing some of my crazy day.


Anonymous said...

man is this making me feel a lot better about my life....thank you

nellsq said...

I so love your reality blog. What a crazy day! The good day life will be better and less crazy...I guess we should enjoy these little ones and all that entails while we can :)

luvmykids said...

Okay, your day sounds just like my normal day except without the two babies.