Friday, September 26, 2008

Movie inspiration

My kids really enjoy getting to watch movies (they get to choose one a day) and recently there have been a few instances where the things they watch start turning up in their every day activities.
I'm sure this is normal and that my children have been doing this for some time, but these little reenactments were too good not to share :)

One of the movies we recently checked out from the library was the Magic School Bus one about space. Before this time I don't know how much my kids really knew about space and planets. Sure we had talked about them, but not in much detail.
Yesterday when I checked on the kids this is what I found...

Talmage has all of his planets lined up behind the sun (the first ball by Talmage). The little pink rabbit is on Earth in case you were wondering. He remembers all of their names (even though I've tried to explain that Pluto is no longer considered a planet, he keeps including it, because the movie had Pluto). The brick in the bottom of the photo is a meteorite (I think). They had larger bricks for asteroids, and rocks for comets. Man, he sure absorbs information!

Not to be outdone Grant had his line of planets as well. However, after Talmage constructed his group, there wasn't enough balls for Grant. I'm glad he was happy enough with the other toys to still play planets with Talmage. His sun was a scooter (sorry, not pictured). So funny. I guess they think they know all about planets and space. I love that they learn good things from movies :).

Now you may be wondering what a picture of a brick has to do with anything (and a broken one at that). This is our next story...
On Sundays the kids get to pick a church movie. They really like Bible stories movies (you know the ones with pictures and talk over voices). One section was called "Animal Sacrifices". Talmage reads pretty well so when the title came on he read the animal part and said "I love animals." I wanted to start laughing, but I held out to see what he would do about the sacrificing part. He asked a little bit about the sacrificing (why they were sacrificed, etc), but nothing really came up again about it.
The other day Talmage, Grant, and Sandra were outside playing and I could hear them from my room. They had their little beanie animals outside playing with them (remember, they love animals). Then I heard Talmage say that he needed to pick an animal to sacrifice. I was getting interested now. Then I heard him pick one and then Grant say "Not my puppy!" Oh I was really interested in how this was going to turn out and I went to get the camera. Grant continued to protest while Talmage tried to persuade him to let him sacrifice his animal. Then I heard Talmage concede and chose something else. By the time I got out there the deed was done and they were playing something else. I asked what they sacrificed. Then Talmage pointed to the brick. I wondered if that was the alter or what and then he said they sacrificed the brick instead of their animals. I guess that was a good trade. Especially since we no longer sacrifice animals :).
It's amazing what kids pick up! They make me laugh :)


Jaime J. said...

Kids are like little sponges. They don't miss a beat. They catch everything.

randivon said...

That is so awesome! I hope Mary is smart like your kids someday. :-) I am glad they did not sacrifice the puppy, though. That would have been sad.

My Attempt at a Glimpse said...

Your children are so smart. I use to love those movies/cartoons.