Sunday, November 2, 2008

Beauties and the Beasts

Here are our sweet children in their Halloween costumes. They enjoy picking what they would be. Sometimes their ideas are easy and sometimes not. This year we had a tiger, a leopard, and two princesses. I was able to reuse one costume from when Talmage was younger so that helped out too. I enjoy making the kids costumes because then I don't spend $20 on something they wear 1 time. Especially when I already have lots of materials so the cost tends to favor making instead of buying.

We found this tiger head at the zoo when we were there for Talmage's birthday. Then just an orange shirt and black paint. Not too hard and not too bad cost wise either. I must say that this was better than his first choice for a Halloween costume... he originally wanted to be a white kitten. Seeing how last year he was a pink pig I think we needed to help move toward more boy costumes than sweet girly ones :).

Here is Grant in the leopard costume. However, he is really a jaguar-cheetah, in case you want to know. He really loves being animals :). He was really good at wiggling his bottom to get the tail to move too!

Our Sandra Princess. This is the first year she has asked to be a princess, but I'm sure it won't be the last. She loved being a beautiful princess and especially loved the jewelery she got to wear. She is truly a girly girl :).

Our baby princess Mhari. She did such a great job wearing the pretty dress and leaving the hat on her head. She didn't last the whole time, but she was seriously cute :).

Here are the 3 oldest together. They were very excited about Halloween and trick-or-treating. We were going to attend our ward party, but Jeff had been really busy with school work this week we decided to have a quieter evening with just our family and go around the neighborhood. The kids did really well and walked for quite a ways. By the end Grant and Sandra didn't want to trick-or-treat anymore (even though there were more houses on our way back).
At one house I had Sandra open her bag before she went to get candy so that way she wouldn't be trying to do that at the door. When they asked her to get candy out of the bowl she reached in her bag, picked out candy and put it in their bowl. It was too funny! She had been trick-or-treating for a while so it was really funny because I thought she had caught on by then. I guess I had confused her, but the lady and I had a good laugh. It was a nice night and we really enjoyed just being together and making some family memories!


Jaime and Brent said...

It sounds like you guys had a great Halloween. Your kids all look great in their costumes. I had to laugh at the reverse trick or treating. Kids are so fun!

Tink said...

You did a wonderful job with the kids' costumes! They look great! I'm glad you guys had a nice Halloween. (:

Alli said...

I love Sandra's idea, I wish my kids would have done that! They have been on such a wicked sugar rush since that despicable holiday, I've hidden all the candy, I should probably just throw it away. Your costumes look wonderful, great job!

Anonymous said...

I've been off line for a while now, and boy are you good at keeping up with things, your family is so dang cute. Great costumes, awesome pumpkins!