Sunday, November 2, 2008

Carving PuMPkins

When Grandma and Grandpa visited they were so kind and bought some beautiful pumpkins for us to carve for Halloween. It was a pretty busy week and instead of carving pumpkins when I was planning (like Tuesday or Wednesday) we ended up doing it on Friday on Halloween. It was a good activity to lead up to the evening events so that went well.

Here is Talmage separating out the seeds so I could roast pumpkin seeds. I guess they had done this at school too so Talmage was really excited to cook our own seeds.
They tasted pretty good for my first time making them on my own too.

Grant scooping... yucky pumpkin guts.

Grant talking inside the pumpkin. He liked the echo noises. He's funny. You can also see the face he drew for his pumpkin. He wanted to make a scary face.
Sandra scooping. She did pretty well with my help.
Lets just say that my arms were sure tired after "helping" carve 3 large pumpkins. It's too bad Jeff was studying and missed out on all the fun :).

Here they are being nice and scary for our trick-or-treaters. Talmage's is the one on the left, Grant's in the middle, and Sandra's on the right. They always look so nice glowing with the candles inside. I think the kids did a pretty good job making some fun jack-o-lantern faces.
*** No punkins were harmed during the carving of the puMPkins :)


Katie Busken said...

Very spooky!

ladawnw said...

The pumpkins look great and I love your kids costumes. I'm glad that you guys had a good Halloween!!