Friday, November 21, 2008

Crazy Coupe

So I forgot to post this a month or so ago... better late than never :)

My kids rarely play with the cozy coupe cars the way they are supposed to be played with. They have been used to help climb the fence, get on the circle swing, jump off of, climb the tree with, or various other uses. Here are just a few I captured one day with the kids :).

Laying down inside of it. Sandra has the Rambo thing going on with the head band.

Sleeping on top of, upside down car. That looks comfy :)

Picking up. Yep, they are weights now. Grant sure is strong.

Kids really are funny. I wonder who comes up with toys. My kids weren't in the testing group anyway :)

1 comment:

spunkycutechic said...

Oh, how cute they are. Dont take away their car it's useful. lol