Saturday, October 25, 2008

Funny kids

Grant just loves Mhari. He loves to play with her and especially just laugh with her. He thinks him laughing is enough to play with her. It's not the greatest when he's trying to do it in the middle of church though.

Here he is just enjoying playing (laughing at) with her. Yes, he is in a costume. I would say he's a Leopard, but if you ask him he's a jaguar-cheetah. We had to be sure it was going to fit :).

I just love happy babies. Mhari and Grant are very cute together. She is especially happy if she can poke and touch your face. Grant is really good at letting her touch him so it works out well for both kids :).


The other night Jeff went to check on the kids before bed. He told me Sandra was in her bucket. She often is the child up late playing in her bed because she still naps most days. I guess she decided the bucket was a good place to sleep that night. I had to go see and then couldn't pass up the chance for a photo :). It's a good thing it's a big bucket or I don't think she could've fallen asleep like that. She did wake up later trying to switch to her bed though. Funny girl :).


The Lee Clan said...

I know children grow up way to fast. Yours are getting big too. Talmage 6!? Where has the time gone?

Katie Busken said...

Sleeping in a bucket? Too funny. Shawn was gone this weekend so it was just me and the kids. I have to say that your bucket looks mighty comfortable right now!