Tuesday, October 21, 2008

6 already!?

Talmage is now officially 6! He has been so looking forward to his birthday. We made plans to go to the zoo. He wanted to take a picture of every animal at the zoo. If you ask him which is his favorite he will tell you that they all are. How could he possibly pick a favorite!? He also has decided that he wants to be a zoo keeper when he grows up. It was a great morning and besides losing Grant for a little while (5 min?). Good exercise too :)

That afternoon we made the cake. The kids get to choose what kind of cake they want and help make it. He had chosen chocolate, but then changed his mind to strawberry. We also leave a section unfrosted for Daddy and Grandpa.

When I got down my candles I didn't realize I was that low. Sorry Talmage, we know you are really 6 even though there are only 5 candles!
Oh and how can you forget the presents. That was probably his favorite thing we did. Later that night he told me "Mommy thanks for giving me such a great birthday! Wow, what a great kid :). We love you Talmage! Thanks for being our awesome 6 year old!
There was also one other special surprise that arrived the day before. Talmage had invited Grandma and Grandpa, but because of distance and vacation and other reasons they couldn't come. Well, they made arrangements to surprise Talmage and come for a few days. Talmage and Grant opened the door and they were so overcome with shock that they just stood there. It was pretty funny. We weren't sure if they were going to let them in or not. It was great to have family in town to share the special day! See you at Christmas Grandma and Grandpa :)


Jaime and Brent said...

Happy Birthday Talmage! Time flys. It seems like yesterday that we were getting together and Talmage and Ethan were just babies playing together on the floor.

luvmykids said...

Happy Birthday! I am so glad your grandma and grandpa were able to make it! What a special guy!

ladawnw said...

I can't believe Talmage is 6! You have such sweet and cute kids. How fun that thier grandma and grandpa surprised him!! He will always remember this birthday:) The cake looks really good too!

Aubrey said...

Happy Birthday Talmage! (Man, he looks old in that picture with his presents!)