Monday, October 6, 2008

Hair... HELP

I'm not really sure how to start this post... Saturday night I cut the kids hair. It had been too long for the boys and Sandra could really use a trim. During the cutting I told Sandra again, that only Mommy cuts your hair. She has had several hair cutting incidents where she ends up with less hair and no more scissors. So I finally gave in today and let Grant and Sandra cutout some papers. They were doing really well and I was right there observing their fun. Then I went to work on a project in the next room.

I guess the time had come to officially disfigure my daughters hair beyond recognition.
This is the result of her cutting.

I seriously had only left the room for a few minutes only to hear "My hair so beutiful" in cute little 2 year old voice. I knew that was not good and I jumped up to stop the madness!

Only to find myself too late... I had to cry a bit first and hug her so I wouldn't scream.
Then I made her go look in a mirror to see how NOT beautiful it was. She was not happy about it either.

Here she is in timeout. Now you can see the full extent of the damage. What do I do? It has taken 2 years to get her hair this long and now she looks like she has a mullet! Do I cut it all off and do a boy cut or just pray for the front to grow quickly? I'm glad she's still 2 and she has several years to recover from this, but man why do they have to cut their hair?!?!

And here is my cute little one. I think this picture is helping calm me down after looking at the other ones. Mhari is growing up so fast and I really need to take more photos of her. This is the attempt of Jeff and I to get a cute picture to update her for her 10 months shot. She is too wiggly and likes me too much so she won't sit for a picture anymore. That is why all of the recent photos of Mhari she's crawling toward me. This is as good as it gets for now :).
Maybe I should do matching baby girl hair... short and fuzzy. Something to think about.


Anonymous said...

Oh no! so sorry to see her cut her hair. Maybe you could cut it so it looks like bangs? They would be short bangs, but if you cut them like they should look then people would get the impression of bangs and then they would grow into longer bangs later? Just a thought. Mhari's photo is so cute. I love it.

Sarah and Jon said...

Oh my! poor thing. Every kid has to that at leaset once right:) Sharla, I say shave her head and start fresh, j/k

Aubrey said...

Oh, that is so sad! I'm sorry. I am pretty sure I would sit down and cry too. I'm not an expert (unless cutting your boys hair once and shaving small bald spots into their head counts), but I think you should do the boy hair cut. Poor baby!

randivon said...

Sharla, I saw this earlier and wanted to cry for you. But, I guess it is one of those rights of passage for a mom? I know my mom had to endure some of my bad haircuts... that I did for my little sister. Anywho, I hope you found a good answer. Do we have any hairstylist in the ward? said...

Oh my! I'm so sorry. That happened to a little girl in Josie's nursery class...only her brother did it to her. She has a mullet now. With a wink and a smile, I told her mother that her daughter brought back the "80's" being the trendsetter she was. Pat Benetar never looked so good!
Everything will be okay.:):):) Of all the trials to have right now with the world the way it is, it's going to be okay. I love ya!