Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I'm no Hunny!

The other day I was outside with Sandra checking on the garden. I was enjoying looking at our bell peppers when suddenly I heard Sandra talking and then start crying. I saw something fall to the ground by her, but wasn't sure what had happened, until I remembered what I had heard her say....
"Shoo bee, go away." Then I heard "Owe!"
Uh oh. Yes, the bee got her on her tummy (it must have snuck just under her shirt). She was really upset, but the sting wasn't too bad. I guess she held up her hand to try and block the bee. I told her that we don't block bees. We have to leave them alone otherwise they'll try to hurt us. I was shocked to see what a huge stink'n bee it was too. It was bigger than normal looking bees to me anyway. After the bee had been on the ground for a while the boys decided to step on it and put it out of it's misery. I know bees make yummy hunny, but man they sure aren't sweet!

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Aubrey said...

That poor child! First the hair, now a bee. I hope she feels better!