Thursday, April 23, 2009

Big Girls wear Heals!

The kids like to pretend vacuum with our Kirby when it is out. Sandra was going to help put it away the other day after I had vacuumed, but first she needed her turn. The best part was the shoes! She can do house work and look great doing it - what a great mommy she'll be someday :)!

I liked the lighting in this one - kind of an action shot too :)

I'm sure glad we have 2 pair of dress up shoes! Now I have 2 girls that LOVE to wear them. Sandra prefers the blue ones so she usually has to find the pink ones to trade Mhari (since Mhari will usually find the blue ones to put on first).
Such funny girls! This is one morning before our walk. It is a good thing they both sit in the stroller. I don't think they'd make it too far down the street in those things!

Mhari has now joined us at the table! She is getting so big! She loves to feed herself and really enjoys being included with everyone else at the table.

They grow up so fast! We just love our big girls!


Tink said...

Vacuuming in heels - love it!!! I can't believe Mhari is sitting at the table and feeding herself - she looks so big!

Mother of 4, Caregiver of 8 said...

My mother in law does all her house work in heels. She says it's a good leg work out. I guess Sandra is doing double duty and looking good while doing it.

clicker59 said...

Oh that's cute your daughter is at that age where she is imitating you she must be wanting to grow up at that age the only thing is she needs to learn and she will in due time that she doesn't have to wear high heels while vaccuing ha ha