Monday, April 13, 2009

Two Cute!

My two girls are just too cute!

Mhari is getting more girly everyday! She is wearing Sandra's dress up skirt and Mommy's shoes.

Sometimes it's hard to keep those big shoes on, but it's good practice for when her feet are that big in a few years!

The other night we had chili with dinner. Mhari loves chili! She used her spoon for a little bit, but it wasn't working well enough. It was time to go in with the hands! She had three bowls of it and I had to take her away or she would've eaten more! Good thing it was bath night!

Last week I remembered Easter was coming up... hmmm, no dresses. I figured I could make something and went foraging through my material and patterns. I wanted them to have matching dresses, but there wasn't enough of one material. Oh well. They turned out pretty good considering I didn't have to purchase anything for it (already had pattern, material, zipper, and thread!)

Sandra loves when I make her a new dress! This one is especially fun because the skirt is so flowy! She can do great twirls in it! That night when she was getting on her pj's she said she wants to wear that dress every day! I think she meant every Sunday, but still cute!

I'm also glad they are so long! Finding dresses that are long is so rare these days! With my handy sewing machine I was able to get the dresses done in 2 days (working randomly on them). I also added sleeves to the dresses, since the pattern I was using didn't have sleeves. I just stole a sleeve pattern from a different dress and used it. I think overall they turned out well! I will have more Easter updates soon :).


The Gee Six said...

I know I already told you, but SUPER CUTE dresses!

And I love the picture of Mhari with her shoes in your feet! It just made me smile!

luvmykids said...

You always do such a wonderful job! Your family is super lucky to have a wonderful Mom!

Janda said...

Totally adorable dresses! I need to learn how to sew because I totally need to be able to make Amalia long dresses too. She is wearing size 6 because they are longer but they are a little big width wise. Crazy tall girls! I love it!

A Tale of Two said...

I saw them on Sunday and thought they looked great! I liked the length the most. I like that they're matching patterns but a different color. The girls still get to have something unique, but yet be the same. That's always the best anyway. So, you wanna make me a dress:)?

Machelle said...

WOW Sharla you did a great job. I am very impressed with your sewing skills and in 2 days? They look beautiful.

Jaime and Brent said...

When they wear Moms shoes, I love it. It was especially funny when it was my boys in heals. Love the cute dresses!

Tink said...

I just realized I never posted and told you what a great job you did on those dresses! You are amazingly talented, and they are BEAUTIFUL! (: