Monday, April 20, 2009

Sprouts and Sillies!

At the end of the season last year I neglected my garden. When it came time to do something with it this spring it still had dead plants and weeds from last season. After weeding it we found a little garden miracle! Our lettuce plants had reseeded themselves and little lettuce sprouts were clumped together growing all on their own! Aren't they cute! They've gotten big enough to start picking and they taste great too!

We planted potatoes this year. I was surprised when they finally started to sprout! I was getting worried. They are about twice this size now!! We also have carrot and zucchini sprouts!

Grant is our silly boy! He is our most creative kid and thinks of the craziest things before our others kids do. This time he has figured out many different ways to swing. Talmage copies his example so then there are two of them being crazy swingers! I get nervous and hope they don't fall!

Here he is doing his upside down swing!

He just loves it! He has flipped over onto his feet once and that was a little scary, but nothing else traumatic yet.

The main problem with Grant's silly things is his example. Sure Talmage is learning new things from his younger brother, but so are the girls. Well, Sandra is mostly scared of anything Grant is doing, thankfully, and she won't swing by him when he does this...
But then there's Mhari...

Already trying to copy her big brother! Now this is truly scary! She holds on really well and also hasn't fall yet! The only good part to her doing this is that it keeps her swing moving and if she keeps it up maybe she'll figure out how to swing by herself without us pushing her. She thinks she's so big and cute when she does it! It's going to drive me crazy I'm sure!


Mother of 4, Caregiver of 6 said...

Put some padding under there and they'll be fine. She is very cute trying to copy her brother.

Alli said...

It looks like you'd better map out a route to the ER. . . But I'm sure you'll take it all in stride and be calm thru the broken limbs and goose eggs. And, your garden is lovely :)

Machelle said...

I'm jealous of your garden. I kill everything. It's exciting and good lessons for the kids. I love the little daredevils ideas. Those are good times I tell ya. Good times.

luvmykids said...

Congrats on the garden! Mhari is so cute! I can't believe how big she is!

lambie-pie said...

I just found your blog via Machelles- it's fun to see you guys again, and with twice as many kids! We were in the same ward in Phx, I don't know if you remember. Anyway, her is my address if you want to visit:

Take care,