Monday, July 20, 2009

Fun with Friends and Family

It has been a busy summer. The kids have gotten to hang out with their cousins quite a bit. They have been swimming, to splash parks, friends and family houses, and being Grandma and Grandpa so much. We have been involved with projects, but I think my kids favorite is getting to play with friends (cousins count in this category) so much! Here are just a few pictures of the fun we've had. It has been a hot summer, but with all the fun I don't think they mind so much.



JandA said...

Yep, lots of fun! We are going to miss you guys. I love that Sandra and Amalia got along so well. Love the pictures!

Machelle said...

Looks like a lot of fun. Looks like you and I both got to see HS friends. Except I hadnt seen mine in twenty years. LOL

westen and ladawn said...

Cute pictures!! We had so much fun seeing you guys. I'm glad both you and Jeff are home safe!!!