Friday, July 31, 2009

Daddy's back!

Jeff got back from his study abroad last Friday night. It worked out that he got home a week early and was able to spend some time with his family before we all headed back to Texas.
Here are some of the highlight pictures of his trip:



We all missed him so much! The kids knew that he was coming home Friday so that morning Talmage came out and said (very excitedly) "Daddy's Home!"
I had to spoil the fun and tell him that Daddy was still on a plane and would be home that night after they were asleep. Then Grant came out and said "Daddy's Home!"
Oh, such joy to have him coming home, but hard for the kids to understand that he wasn't there that morning :).
The next morning all the kids were so excited to see Daddy! Even Punkin was saying Daddy in her bed before he went in to get her!
Here are some pictures of Jeff with the family.

Sandra and Daddy before church.

Grant laying with Daddy while he napped on the floor (still adjusting to the time change).

Jeff with his Dad and sister. It's cute when they sit alike :).

Jeff cuddling his brother Nathan while he napped. Too cute!

Jeff talking with his dad about shoes. They had some good bonding time :).

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Machelle said...

Awesome, Glad to hear he is back safe and the kids are so excited. Wifey is too I bet. Love happy stories.