Monday, July 6, 2009

Someone is missing

Right now we are missing our Daddy. He is far away for school and our family is not the same with out him!

With him being gone, he has turned 30 without much notice. This is a nice time to say how much I love him and honor him for the wonderful man he is - and Happy Birthday!

Our family is not the same without him! He is often gone, doing school, work, callings etc and it doesn't really bother me ... because everything he is busy doing is to help strengthen our family. He is so selfless! This has been a good time to remember that even though he is often gone that we love him and need him with our family! We are better with him here! He sacrifices so much time to help better our family and it often goes unrecognized. There is so much time spent studying and schooling (these days) because he is striving to accomplish something great for us!!! I know that school may be difficult and the time he must spend away is not fun, but I am grateful for all he continues to do to help our family progress!

He is a wonderful example of service! He will help in a moments notice and rarely does anything for his own interests. I'm sure he would like to have more time to pursue hobbies instead of making a patio or cleaning out the garage, or the many other home projects he helps with. He doesn't complain, or need time away, just enjoys the time we have together. He enjoys getting to help with church service as well. The example he sets for our children is awesome! It is not aways convenient or easy, but it brings him joy and blessings to our family! What a great way to teach service to our children!

Jeff loves his kids! It is so sweet to see him love his children! They are precious little spirits and he can make them smile so easily. They are a treasure to him. I know that he values who they are and wants them to progress through life the way that they should. He loves to teach them and enjoy playing with them! I'm often grateful to see him spend time with the boys and teach them something new (that I would rather not do - like math or such). He is great about helping get them to bed and teaching them about prayer! I could go on and on, but what a great blessing to our family he has been as a wonderful, loving father!

Jeff is a great husband! I have loved him for more than 10 years! It may sound like a long time, but it has gone so fast. Yet this time has been so amazing that my love for him as my husband, friend, and companion have grown and grown! I can not imagine my life with out him! He loves me and values who I am for me and the ways that I have grown and developed over this time. Jeff continues to grow and become better and that is a great example to me as I strive to make the most of my time here on earth.

I know that I have room to improve as a wife, but I wanted to take the time to honor my sweet husband for all that he is and all that he continues to do! Hunny, you are amazing and thank you for EVERYTHING you do! You are beautiful inside and out! Thanks for all your love and support and for all the time that you work so hard for us! We love you and can't wait to have you back with our family!

Love forever - meme


Tink said...

What a beautiful post - and that is a FABULOUS picture!! I hope that both of you get through your time apart okay. We miss you around here!

nellsq said...

I must agree that Jeff is a good guy! Tell him happy bday for me. Glad he could joing the club. Glad you are having fun on vacation. Jeff will be home soon!