Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Kids Rock!

Grant had his kindergarten music program last night entitled "Kids Rock!" He did such a great job! The pics aren't that great since we weren't sitting that close - sorry.

During one of the songs Grant's class got to hold a green streamer. He was the tallest in his class and was happy to be holding his higher than the kid next to him (I think they were having their own competition).

Talmage knew a couple of the songs (because they were PE songs) and so he was doing the actions in the row with us. It was very cute and Jeff snuck some pics!

The song was Lonesome Trail - here he is howling like a coyote.

Here he is trying to do the jumping like a jack rabbit, without making a big scene. Too funny!

It was a fun night and so fun to see my little Kindergartner growing up! This is my child that never liked singing or being in front of people. He now will sing the songs at home. I saw him singing all of the songs for the program as well as doing most of the actions too. It's so great to see him participating and enjoying music!


Cindy Killebrew said...

It is so fun to see our kids preform! Pride!

Machelle said...

I miss those days. How cute.