Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Stock Yard fun!

This year we made it out to the annual Stock Show! The boys get a free ticket and a day off from school for the event (which I forgot their ticket, bummer) and so with my mom visiting we ventured out!

There was so much there and the kids had a fabulous time! I took more photos than this, but wanted to narrow it down for the post :). The petting zoo area was so great! The animals were so friendly and petable! Mhari would try to get the sleeping ones up and walking around. It was too funny (she was too fast for the camera though). When we left the stock show the line for the petting zoo was huge, so glad we started there!

Here is Mhari with the goats. She petted everything though!

There was one grey bunny out and it was so soft! Here is Grant and the bunny.

There were tiny pygmy goats (that's my guess anyway) too! They were so cute! Here is Sandra and the little goat.

After we had been "petting" a while Talmage came over and said "Mommy they have Scottish Highland Cattle!" It took me a minute to figure out what he was saying (because he kept turning his head and the words muttered together), but once I got it I said "Oh, a cew!" (that's the way it's pronounced anyway) - it was so fun to see a baby cew close up!

It was so soft and fluffy! The kids really enjoyed petting it! Jeff really wants to own one some day... we'll see if we really turn into farmers ;).

Talmage and the cew!

Then we went down to the animal barns. We saw lots of pigs! One guy even picked up the kids and put them in the stall with his pig so they could pet it! Then we saw mother animals and their babies (ran into a friend from school) and made it over to the agriculture education area. Behind that was the bunnies - so many bunnies! Another guy there got his bunny out so the kids could pet it. Everyone was getting ready for the bunny auction the next day. There were a lot more animals (cattle, horses, etc) that we didn't take the time to walk over and see. I was tired and it was lunch time so we had a picnic before finishing our day.

The last event was the midway carnival area. Grandma was nice enough to buy tickets for the kids to go on some rides. They had a great time! When we were down to our last ticket a nice man gave us their left overs - since they were leaving. That doubled the rides for the kids. So much fun!!!

Mhari, Grandma, and Grant on the carousel.

Talmage on the rooster (he called it a hen)!

Driving cars! - Grant, Mhari, and Sandra

Sandra riding the dragon!

Talmage is inside that huge bear!

I'm so glad we went! The kids had a great time and I was glad to have my mom there to help out, but enjoy the stock show too! I must admit that I felt like a city girl with all these true cowboys all over the place :)!


The Gee Six said...

That looks AWESOME! The last time we went I was 9 months pregnant with Adam! Apparently, I need to take the kids back. What a great time!

Alli said...

How nice to have a Grandma there to help out - Grandmas Rock.