Friday, January 29, 2010

So Long Sally

With the addition of Gus our Sally had just been sitting around. Well, financially we decided that it was best to get rid of our Sally to pay for Gus. We had owned Sally for about 2 1/2 years and taken many a trip to Phx as a family in her. She may seem nice and compact (which she is), but there was always plenty of room to store our stuff for 4 kids and 2 adults for several weeks vacation!

I usually don't have much of an opinion about cars - that's Jeff's job to deal with. When we added our 4th though I started looking into my options and really fell in love with this car. It is tall, seats up to 7, and has good storage space (even fits a double stroller no problem)! It was even better when we found the one we wanted at a fabulous price!
She was my dream car!

I was sure that parting with Sally would be difficult, and it has been. Driving Gus in a parking garage is not the funnest thing to experience! Other than being huge I just love Gus and am grateful for the next vehicle to safely take care of our family! We have been blessed as we have searched (well, as Jeff has searched) for vehicles to fit our needs and try to stay out of debt. Part of the blessing of Sally has been to keep us out of car debt with Gus. For that I am truly grateful! I hope she is great for her new family! She was fabulous to mine!


Elisabeth said...

WOW! I can't believe you're having twins. How exciting! My friend in my ward is having boy and girl twins in a couple of months- although she just got put on bedrest in the hospital for the rest of her pregnancy. Hopefully that won't happen to you! Congratulations and take care. Your kids are so cute!
Are you guys going to move after graduation?

Katy B. said...

I thought we were the only ones to name our cars....hehehehehe
BTW, Congrats on the babies sista!