Monday, January 11, 2010

Big girl bed

Mhari has claimed Sandra's bed. I didn't care at first because she just wanted to sleep in it at nap time when Sandra wasn't in the room. Then she wanted to sleep in it at night.

The big decision came one night when Sandra said she wanted to sleep in Mhari's crib. Both girls were happy and Mhari was transitioning well to a big bed, even if that meant that Sandra was reverting to a crib...
I gave in :)
It worked out well because there is a gate on the crib so she can get in and out. Plus it's very sturdy so having Sandra in it wasn't going to break it. Sandra even said she would share with the twins when they came. So sweet of her :).
I let that go on for a few nights before I hunted down a new bed for Sandra. We've been meaning to get Mhari a big bed for a while, but with tight finances buying a new mattress wasn't on the top of our list. When I was telling my friend about needing a bed she said she had an extra mattress - perfect! (Thanks again Shannon!)
Now both girls have a big bed. However the first night Mhari did throw a fit because she wanted to be in the new bed and not the one she stole from Sandra. Oh 2 year olds are such fun!


Dalton Family said...

I love that pic of Sandra! Hey if you are in need of other things let me know, we are needing to get rid of stuff!

westen and ladawn said...

You are so good at putting up new post!! We are going through the same transition right now with Kayla. Yep, 2 year olds are fun and a lot of work all at the same time:! Then comes potty traing, oh boy!

EmpressOfAllSheSurveys said...

That picture of SAndra in the crib looks just like Bree! (to me, anyway.)

We're trying to figure out who is going where when the baby gets here, too..... fun stuff!