Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tight Squeeze and In-between

I'm not just talking about how huge I'm getting at only 14 1/2 weeks of being pregnant...

But also about our Gus Gus and that he fits in our garage! I never thought it was possible, but Jeff was determined and rearranged everything to get him in there! Way to go hunny! I love having my car in the garage! (Let's just say there isn't much room to get around him, but if I squeeze I can still manage, another tight squeeze, for now)!

Part of the in-between is Mhari...

She is having a hard time staying in bed at night and just going to sleep. She had been doing great and then this week she stays up playing with Sandra - argg! I am wondering if she is trying to stop napping. The days she doesn't nap (which are few) she goes to sleep really easy, or falls asleep in the car when we get the boys. I don't want to let go of naps (seriously I need all the sleep I can get) and she does quiet time well even without napping. I just need her to stop playing when she's supposed to go to bed.

Today she crashed for quiet time though.

On her floor nonetheless. I'm sure it's going to be a fun night getting her to bed!

The other in-between is me. I must say that I am progressing much quicker this pregnancy than any of the others. If it wasn't twins I would be seriously worried! My MIL requested photos, so that's why this is here.

I did pull out the maternity boxes and sorted through my wardrobe for the next 6 months or so. I am proud to report that even my smallest maternity shirts are still too big. I guess I'm in that awkward in-between stage with my body. I feel huge in my normal clothes, yet maternity ones are just like wearing tents! I'm sure it won't be that way for long :).

Such fun transitions. I'm looking forward to feeling the twins move, yet I know at the same time once they do I'll never have a moments peace :). I am grateful to be feeling well and have such a helpful family that maybe we will really be ready for the crazy life of twins by the time they get here!


Dalton Family said...

Shoot I look like that at 14 weeks with out twins! Sorry no sympathy! I have been meaning to email with what I got for you so hopefully this week I will get that to you!

Alli said...

Oh my, oh my Sharla! That little belly looks like mine and there's not even one little pip-squeak in my belly. You look great lady! And I know you will handle twins with grace and ease. I love the pic of Mhari on the floor :)

luvmykids said...

Sharla you look amazing! I wouldn't even realize you are pregnant if I hadn't heard about it.

Anonymous said...

On the note of the twins moving. It will be a lot more movement than before. My boys towards the last few months fought a lot (being tight quarters and all) so it was kind of fun to watch my belly shake back and forth. Not much has changed after they were born. Fun memories.