Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Our kids have been keeping scripture journals for several months. We finally took out the pages to scan them so we have a digital copy. While scanning them I read through what they have been writing (since Talmage does his on his own and I never read it). Sometimes it's very repetitive, but other times it was very surprising! Sandra's isn't that fun to read yet, but you get a few from Grant and lots of Talmage. I think the spelling is cute and it's amazing what things they think about and want to write in their journals!

There are different sections on the journal page they fill out: Scripture - summary, or some lines of what they read, Journal - for the day's events, Thankful for and Please help - to help them remember things to say in their prayers at night (also good to write down anyway.)

Grant's are mostly things from different dates and Talmage's are all from what he wrote for those sections on that day. I tried to keep all the spelling the same as was in their journals :). I hope you enjoy seeing what goes on inside little boys minds!!


Thankful for: peano, Ra bbitsandBurrows

Journal: Momy and baby - written Nov 23rd (he did not know we were expecting yet!), pinwil, AalpJan (if you can figure that out let me know, I'm still confused), trans Formers


Journal: tonhit we are going to trunk-or-treat at the church house wich means geting candy from trunks!

Please help: Me feel the spirit, Mhari not hit, me know if the Book of Mormon is true

Journal: Today Grants zebra and mine both rolled a bouncy ball back and forth.

Thankful for: sticker transformers, gowing to the dentist, happy house

Journal: Tomarrows christmas eve! I am making a book for Grant. Mommy Sandra and Mhari are geting neckleses. Daddy is geting the car from yesterday and a zoo map (he made the map himself, along with the necklesses and book).

Journal: Today Me and Grant sowed with hand nedles! I sowed dinosauors and Grant sowed swamp creatures.

Journal: Tomorrow is Grants birthday! Today we put things in a box to give away! I also at chruch read 3 capters! Chapter 20-23 of Mosiah! Today was church!

Journal: Today we folded our landry! Tomarow I am fasting!

Thankful for: landry, fasting, Tomarow church, Tomarow is the book of Alma

Journal: I saw Grant at the Library!

I just love it! I love the Christmas post because that is all he wrote about Christmas. He never wrote about what he received, just all the things he was doing for everyone else! It was really touching to realize that he wasn't focused on his presents, but on giving to others! Kids are amazing! I love that they are writing this stuff down in their journals while they are young... maybe they will keep the habit into their adult years!


JandA said...

I love the kids journal entries. It is such a good idea for when my kids get a little better at writing. I hope you are feeling well.

Tink said...

Those are wonderful! So thoughtful and sweet. I hope they do keep the habit - my childhood journals are one of my most treasured possessions!