Monday, January 4, 2010

The last birthday of the year!

It's got to be hard to be the last birthday of the year, just following Christmas, and all of the other birthdays. Plus this year Mommy and Daddy were suffering from colds and not very motivated for a birthday celebration. I'm so grateful that Grant is such a good kid and had a fabulous birthday despite all of the other stuff going on!

It was a simple day and I think just having us remember it was his birthday and then getting presents was enough for him!

Here he is opening presents.

All the presents and the Happy Birthday Boy!

We were seriously all done with eating anymore cake by the time Grant's birthday came around. I decided that ice cream sundaes would be easier and just as fun (if not yummier). Grant didn't mind and enjoyed picking his own toppings.

Maybe I should have given him more ice cream - his candles barely fit :).

Happy Birthday to our awesome 6 year old! He is a great kid and loves learning at school. He is creative as ever and is still part animal :).
We love you!

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