Saturday, January 23, 2010

Guesses Anyone?

I'm getting close to figuring out what these two little bundles will be (I'm very excited)!!! Jeff and I have been working on our names. Trying to pick one of each is hard enough, but two of each... man that's tricky. Well, we've had boy names for a while it's those girls that really give us trouble :). I have an appointment this coming week and I'm optimistic that I'll find out the gender. Well, it's not my normal Dr. visit (a specialist actually) so either I'll get better results or they won't focus on the babies too much (since there's other stuff they want to check out). Otherwise the next week I do have my normal Dr visit and I'll be 17 weeks by then! It is strange to think that I could go as early as 34 weeks (which hopefully I won't) and that would be my halfway mark! This is seriously my shortest pregnancy ever. Unless I just go on and on and never let these little guys out. Either way I'll be done by about 38 weeks so that is nice to know :).

So the point of this post is to get your input on our little ones! I have had my personal opinions on what the babies would be (2 boys), yet the Dr. was thinking last week that one is a girl and couldn't tell on the other. I guess my guess is probably not right :). I'm working on a new guess. I also really don't mind any of the ways it could turn out. It would be fun to have the same gender, but then it's more confusing too. I want to know your guesses! What do you think we'll have? When will they come? I did give you some info to help a little that I'm not going past 38 weeks (which would be the end of June) so that should help you out a little. I think this will be fun!
It's free to vote just click on the game button :). The game name is twomuchfun (on the left side of the screen). You don't need to sign up for anything just enter in the info and that's it :).

Maybe I'll think of a prize for the winner. There's points for gender and points for when they come so this will go on for a while :). I get to have so many new experiences with twins it makes this 5th pregnancy a little more exciting than I was planning on!!

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