Wednesday, April 21, 2010

1st Grade - Stone Soup!

Talmage had his 1 st grade performance this week. They did a play/skit called "Stone Soup". It was fun to talk to Talmage about making stone soup and if people really made soup from stones. The kids did great. It was so fun to get to see him sing the songs and say his lines!

He was a towns person (not a traveler) and his line to the travelers was "It's all we can do to feed our own families right now. Times are tough you know."

I really must say that over the last few years Talmage has really grown in this area. He sang every song and did a fabulous job with his line (seriously - better than the other kids, not because I'm his mom or anything). The only complaint about the night was that his voice hurt from singing all the songs. What a good sport!

Thanks for the fun night!

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