Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Last week we went to the church to let the kids have some space to ride bikes. It has been beautiful outside and it was nice to get out! Over spring break Talmage was riding his cousins 2 wheel bike and doing really well. I figured our time had come and the training wheels were coming off. OK, so 7 and 6 are a little old to still have training wheels, but let me tell you how much nicer it was to take them off and have the boys just ride - no falling, no crying (which would have been the case a few years ago)! So wonderful!

Sandra is still a ways away from getting hers off, but she got some good practice in with her training wheels. Mhari does great on her scooter and will transition well to bikes eventually. I'm sure our kids could do these things sooner, but my motivation isn't that high (and there's no sidewalks by my house)!

It was a nice evening outside!

The kids really liked the little ramp :)

Jeff teaching Talmage how to turn with the peddle out of the way.

Watching Daddy was almost as fun as watching the kids :)!


Machelle said...

How fun, Hope you had a nice Easter. I have all kinds of things to blog about too but never do. I wish I had a camera I might feel more inspired.

Kent and Kate said...

Spring is great! Good job with the bike riding :) We've got two riding and our almost 8 year old is too terrified to try, she screams loud so we aren't too motivated to teach her.

Alli said...

Ha-Ha, Kent and Kate is actually me, somehow I got signed in as my sister-in-law, Katie. Wacky.

Tink said...

That's awesome! The church parking lot is a great place for that. We need to be better about getting our kids out to ride their bikes - it's tough when there's not a good place in the neighborhood.