Saturday, April 24, 2010

Wishes or Weeds?

As a kid I loved making wishes and blowing dandelion seeds! It was so wonderful to watch the seeds float through the air!
Now as an adult dandelions represent weeds and their seed state is the worst - all of those little seeds flying through the air to make that many more dandelions that will eventually make more seeds... it is never ending with the weeds!
As adults our perspective changes on a lot of things. Sometimes this is good - really who wants a yard full of weeds right?! Maybe we need to remember the simple pleasures of being a child and enjoying nature in all of its wonder and wishes with all of their possibilities! I need these moments of innocence and joy as an adult! Our children can be our best teachers if we are willing to learn and understand as they do!


Shay said...

So cute Sharla! So true! Love ya!

Amanda said...

Anything can be a weed, All a weed is is an unwanted plant! I hear you can eat dandelions.

Tink said...

That is an adorable picture! I never understood as a child why grownups got so upset when I was making wishes on dandelions. (: