Friday, April 9, 2010

Girl fun!

Last Saturday after baths I asked if the girls wanted to have curly hair. They were both excited so I spent some time rolling up all of their hair. They were so good and patient! They slept with them in all night to earn their curls!

When I took them out the next morning their hair practically stuck to their heads. It was cute, but not really what I was going for. I took some time fiddling with the curls and using gel and ended up with two little curly girls!

Here's the front...

and the back :)

Sandra was sad that by the end of the day her curls were not very curly anymore. I guess she though her hair would always be curly now :). I told her we could do it again some time.
The boys thought it was funny and said that Mhari looked like Bree, their cousin. Too funny!

Sandra has been asking to have her nails painted since I had mine done at the end of Feb. I finally gave in and painted her and Mhari's finger nails earlier this week.

They were really good about sitting there and not touching things with their fingers. When I was done they each had to sit there and blow on them for a while too (we were about to eat lunch, great timing I know).

It was just a light pink so it's hard to see, but the girls were so happy!

By that afternoon Sandra had chipped some off and was disappointed that these wouldn't last forever. Something else that we'll get to do lots and lots with these two cute girls. It's been fun to do some girly things with my daughters. They sure grow up so fast!


Katy B. said...

Girl time with your daughters is the best, huh?:)

So cute!

Machelle said...

How fun, Im jealous. BTW Sandra looks like Grant and Mhari looks like Talmage in that last picture.

Alli said...

It's fun to do girly stuff sometimes. Good job Mama!