Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Aspiring Dentist?!

Grant and Talmage were rough housing last week. I guess Grant was being an animal and Talmage was winning (however you "win") so Grant put Talmage's hand into his mouth to bite it (like an animal play fighting). Ya, this sounds better and better as I type it out :).

Then, since Talmage didn't want to get bitten, he pulled his hand out of Grant's mouth and took his tooth with it!
First - Yes, it was a baby tooth! Oh, and it was already loose. I took him into the dentist to be sure there was nothing wrong and the dentist said he was surprised Talmage didn't get a two fer, since the other tooth was loose too.
Now Grant looks a little like a jack-o-lantern, but the other tooth will be joining it in a few months (per the dentist) - maybe in time for Halloween :).
Once it was out and didn't hurt Grant was really happy that he "lost" another tooth. Oh, and yes, Talmage was jealous that Grant lost another tooth before him! Crazy kids! I just hope Talmage doesn't try to make this a real profession and start with his own teeth just to catch up with Grant!


samantha said...

That is so funny. The boys are losing their teeth so early someone asked me if they got in a fight and knocked them out. I told them no, but that it was totally possible. I guess I was right.

westen and ladawn said...

That is a great story! One that they can tell in many years and laugh at:). Those are beautiful blessing pictures too! It looks like you had a wonderful day together.