Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ward Game Night!

A few weeks ago the activities committee arranged a game night. It was more like a carnival :). There were lots of little games for the kids, face painting, balloons, and races. Everyone had a great time! There was even a free throw competition for the bigger "kids". Jeff did awesome at that! He made 8 out of 10! I don't think anyone even got close to him :).

Here is Sandra with her face paint and balloons. She asked the lady to make her a kitty. She did a great job! This was her first try to make a kitty too. Too awesome!

Clark got some love from the ladies with the face paint... see his little heart :).
Jeff and Mhari both ended up with kitty faces :).

Here is Talmage doing the ring toss.

Grant pinning the tail on the donkey.

Grant and Talmage's faces - t-rex, and race car!

3 legged race... Talmage and Grant did great!
Mhari got a sword balloon. She really loved playing swords with the boys!

It was kind of crazy, but tons of fun. The night ended with a pie eating contest and ice cream sundaes! I'm glad we went and the kids really enjoyed themselves!!


Shay said...

So fun! Is it just me or does Clark look like your Uncle Paul? I think that pic captured the Westenskow side of the fam.

Cindy Killebrew said...

How fun! I think we had just came back into town and missed it! Clark's little heart looked adorable. I am sure he will appreciate that some day.

A Tale of Two said...

Aww, we miss chapel creek! Looks like you guys had fun:)