Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Free time?

In all of his "free time" Jeff finished some wood projects the other day :). First, he made my Christmas present. It's a necklace holder. The frame is larger than 8X10 and looks really nice. He painted it black and added the hooks. We will be putting a mirror in the middle instead of the blank opening :). It has enough room for my long necklaces to hang and not get tangled! I love it!

Jeff also made a tie rack for himself. He cut up a dowel rod and made the holes and then glued them in. I'm sure he could explain it better than me :). He painted it black also.

Here it is with ties. He has it almost all filled now. It's great for his ties to have a home :)

And just because I wanted to update on Sandra... She recovered really well and went back to school Monday. After school Mhari was trying to find her so I went around helping her. We found her cuddled up in bed sleeping :). Going back to school can be exhausting!

It's nice to have some projects done :).

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