Thursday, January 6, 2011


It has been a busy day. Clark is congested and didn't sleep well. I was dragging this morning without a good night's sleep. An hour after the kids had gone to school I got a call from the nurse, Sandra was sick and needed to be picked up :(. I was not ready, the baby was not ready, and neither was Mhari. It took us a little longer, but Sandra was retrieved, the girls watched a movie, I took a shower. I still wanted to crawl back into bed, but decided to do something with my day...

First we had lunch - it was a long morning so far. Clark was walking in the walker and found the recycle. It was very cute.
Growing up too fast :)

Then I decided there was a room waiting to be cleaned and rearranged. I have been putting it off for some time. I guess there are several rooms in my house that make that list. I did a closet yesterday and today was the girls room. Here is the before picture:

For the after picture Sandra had already crawled into her bed to sleep :). I hope they can keep up with the room now that it's been cleaned out.

The dresser and desk got switched around and the room feels much better. I still need to clean out their desk and make them go through their animals. Fun times ahead with that project ;).

Here is Baby after a nap. He has started to play with the animals in his bed. By play, I mean, chew on ;).

It's been a good crazy day. I ended up getting out to the store when Jeff got home so that was good too. Taking kids to the grocery store is fun enough, let alone having a sickie too.
Just figured I'd share some of reality - not always glamorous, but that's the way it really is :).


Anonymous said...

I actually love this reality post. It isn't glamours but it is where most of us live most of the time.

Tink said...

I'm super impressed that you managed to do some organization after a rough night and with a sick baby! I hope today is better for you - and that the rest of your kids stay well!