Tuesday, January 4, 2011


For Christmas we trade names with our siblings families. For the past several years we have made their gifts. First, this is great because usually it saves on cost, second it's great because I feel like I'm doing something more personal for the family. I have made denim picnic blankets, wooden names, and an FHE board. This year the theme ended up being hand bags and ties.

Here are the bags for his two oldest daughters. I did a nicer pattern for them since they are teenagers and will probably use their bags for more daily use. I made my own pattern for the adult ties and I think it turned out well. I used this fabric for all the ties. Jeff's brother's family has 4 boys and so their family got lots of ties - baby ties, kid ties, and daddy tie! It was a good experience making the ties - a new skill to use :).

I think the red bag is my favorite of all the ones I made. I just love the flower material!

Here are the bags for his younger daughters. I also made 2 of these bags for Jeff's brother's family for the wifey and their daughter. I totally forgot to take pictures of their gifts :(. I also made my girls each a bag like this. I just love this pattern! I think it's totally cute and it was really easy to make - 1 in less than an hour!

My sister-in-law didn't need a bag so I had to figure out what else I could make. I love wearing an apron when I cook (not that mine is cute or anything) and I figured she might enjoy having one. My other SIL gave me the idea for this pattern. It was really simple to make, it's just a square, but I think it turned out super cute. I should have taken the picture with someone wearing it. I just didn't want to be the model ;)

Sometimes the presents end up being lots of work. Then adding that to my crazy December with 3 birthdays and an anniversary does seem a bit much. I do try to get them done early so it's not so hectic, but overall I really have enjoyed making these gifts. It pushes me to do something new. I have to get different ideas, plus I make something that I need to turn out rally nice, not just okay. I hope everyone enjoyed their presents. . . some of them were hard to give away ;)

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Karen said...

And we LOVE them...SO cute!!!