Saturday, January 29, 2011

Newsboy hat!

I have a good friend who opened an etsy shop recently. I have made both of her patterns she has out now, and I just love them. The first was the little boys ties that I made for Christmas. The most recent one is the newsboy hat pattern. I just love these hats and they are gender neutral so maybe I'll make the girls some too. I'm glad Clark is an easy going baby and leaves the hat on his head ;)

Here's the finished hat:

It's blue corduroy with light blue top stitching. Blue matches almost everything for boys...

But the best part is that it's reversible! I did a red plaid pattern for the other side.

One of the reasons I made the hat was because in TX the weather changes so much and you never know when those 70 degree days will hit - like yesterday :). We wait for the kids to get out of school everyday on our picnic blanket on front lawn (unless it's too cold, or too hot). I figured I would try to keep his bald little head covered from all that awesome sun. It worked really well too!

If you are interested in the pattern it is super easy with great detailed instructions! I finished it in one night after the kids had gone to bed. I highly recommend the pattern and I'm looking forward to making more hats!
Insider info: I also know she is in the finishing up another pattern ... looking forward to that one too :).
Happy Sewing!


bhekkii said...

Clark is even more adorable in that hat. I'm afraid that if I ever have children, and they aren't as beautiful as I wish them to be (like yours), I might lose enthusiasm.

Lauren and James said...

Nice job on the hats Sharla! Amazing what a bored person(while kids are down anyways) can find on the web with a little blog hopping! I'm getting to know some of the ward members better than I did in person! ( :