Monday, April 2, 2012

Family Naps...

This weekend was General Conference.  We enjoy going down to the stake center for one session and watching one together at home each day (Sat and Sun).  Sunday turned into nap day.  It was very cute.  I was in the kitchen working on dessert when Jeff called me in.  Ya, Mhari fell asleep on his back.  It was too cute :)

Such a cutie - Daddy's girl :)

Later during Conference Jeff was getting sleepy.  Grant made a good pillow :)

Clark went to bond by Talmage on the floor.  This is a very common position to find Talmage in... reading ;)

Oh and a little later Grant joined Daddy in his nap.

OK, this one was just too cute not to share.  I was cleaning up some left over dishes this morning and Clark was being super helpful.  He grabbed the sponge (after helping with the dishes) and went right over to the table.  He likes cameras so he stopped for the picture...

But I got him washing just a minute later.  Love my little helper!

I love my little family!  They are growing up so fast... looking forward to adding our little baby girl in a month to enjoy with everyone else ;)

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LaDawn said...

Great updates Sharla! How exciting that your little girl will be here so soon. We can't wait to meet her:).