Friday, April 13, 2012


That night we drove over to Port Aransas to try to see the boats come in with their catch for the day.  I guess we were too early because there was no one at the dock when we got there.  Then we drove over and found a nice pier to fish off of.  Jeff had borrowed some fishing gear from a friend at work so Jeff could "teach" the kids :).  

Here they are learning to cast

Reeling in the line

Someone just up the pier had caught a small fish and he shared it with us.  Our kids enjoyed looking at it before we threw it back into the ocean.

Love them

Clark has become a little climber... he made me very nervous!

Jeff and Grant had caught a fish and were reeling it in when the line broke ;(.  Jeff said it was actually a decent size too.  Just too bad we didn't get a picture or even get to really get a good look at it.  The only other thing we caught was seaweed. 

Clark is growing up so fast!

Twirling on the pier

That night we ordered pizza and hung out in the hotel.  The boys got to watch the third Harry Potter movie while the girls watched Marry Poppins.  It would have been nice to have more area to separate the kids to, but they each enjoyed their movie.

It was a nice day :)

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