Friday, April 13, 2012

Last Beach Day

For our last day on the beach we had packed kites.  The weather was supposed to be windier so we figured it would work well.  First, the weather was not windier.  Second, the wind that comes of the ocean is so not consistent in terms of direction that it's hard to fly a kite.  Third, I could only find cheap kites and they fell apart pretty easy.  
Besides all of that Sandra had a fun time trying to fly her kite... with lots of help from Daddy :)

It just never stayed up once he got it up there ;(

Fun beach pictures...


Sandra and Grant

Jeff holding Mhari and Talmage

Clark playing in the sand with his toes while I buried my feet in the sand :)

Grant and Talmage "body surfing".  It was cute to watch them really enjoy the water!

Clark throwing sea weed

Daddy and Clark

Trying to help Clark enjoy the water.  
 Loving the water!

More sea weed to throw

Clark finally adjusted to the water by the end of the second day.  I think he didn't like the way the water would come up on him and throw him off balance.  He is such a water baby it was great to see him love the ocean too :)

Mhari sinking her feet like Mommy did :)

We really had a nice trip.  The second day proved to be a longer day at the beach and we all ended up with sunburns (accept Clark).  The boys were pretty bad too.  Thank goodness for Aloe and a few days to let the sunburn get better!

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