Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Water Time!

OK, so I am finally updating...
Towards the end of April the primary held an activity - Primary Fun with Friends Day!  It was a fun time to come and do water activities and bring our friends to enjoy the fun with us.  We got a decent group of kids, but there were several (like Talmage and Grant) that couldn't come due to sports game conflicts.  It was a pretty casual activity and the kids went around to the different stations and enjoyed getting wet.  It would have been helpful if it wasn't so cold that weekend!  It had been in the 90's, but it cooled off into the 70's for this day ;(.  

Here they are playing "duck, duck, Splash!"

Clark really wanted to participate too... he found his own sponge and took some time cleaning the windows on the church building... silly boy!

Setting up to play water balloon volleyball.  The balloons wouldn't pop and the kids were probably a little young for this game... such is life.

Coloring with chalk - fun for all ages :)

Let the water fight begin!

Some kids raided this water cooler full of balloons ;)

Mhari with her balloon.  By the way, my girls insisted on wearing their swimsuits and yes it was cold.  They really didn't seem to mind though.


Good action shot!

 How many balloons can one kid carry?

Ready for action

Because he's too cute!
The day ended with lots of watermelon and Popsicles... if they weren't cold enough.  It was a great day!

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