Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sponge Bath

Time for her first bath.. well, sponge bath anyway!  Lorna was so cute... and unaware of the upcoming fun!

Starting with her head

Getting the body... and Lorna decided that sponge baths are overrated ;)

All cleaned and in her pjs.  Too cute!

Clark needed a turn to hold her.  He loves her so much!

Close up!

Lorna was also positive cooms, which really means that she's going to have higher levels of jaundice. This is before her photo therapy treatment... if you didn't notice, she is pretty orange here ;)


Machelle said...

You do such a good job keeping up with your blog. Wow five kids. congratulations. she is beautiful.

Katie Busken said...

She's so beautiful! Congratulations!

Alli said...

Nice work! Now you've got the Brady Bunch :) She is a cutie.

Rice Family said...

I love how alert she is in these pics-- just exploring this new world. What a sweetheart.