Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Baby Biggness

Clark is getting so big!  Having a new little one always makes the youngest child look so much older so fast! He is also doing some fun things :)

The other day he found one of Jeff's Automotive News magazines and started looking through it.  I thought he was super cute, then I heard him say "car" - well, now how do I not take a picture of that :).  He really does love cars!

He has also gotten good at holding on for horsey rides.  Here he is with Jeff...  So cute!

Jeff was "running" toward me... Clark is hanging on good :)

We love our baby biggness - as Jeff now calls him, among other fun nicknames ;)

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JandA said...

Benson loves cars too. He is the only one that got down on the floor to push them around. Now the boys play with them together. So fun! Lorna is adorable! Love you all!