Thursday, April 12, 2012

Playing at the Beach!

We decided to take a quick family trip to Corpus Christi to enjoy the beach over the Good Friday holiday.  Jeff and the kids were off so we set out Wed night and started our fun Thursday.  It was perfect weather and the kids had a blast!  Here are some of the highlights from the first day...

Jeff under our canopy.  I think this was the best purchase for the trip... having our own shade made spending hours on the beach relaxing instead of blinding ;)

The water was beautiful 

We brought sand toys and the kids used them well.  Why not dump out the water right into the sand?  Kids are easily entertained ;)

Clark wasn't so sure about the water, but he sure enjoyed chasing the Sea Gulls.  

Grant caught a sand crab.  It was super tiny, but it still managed to pinch him.

The kids really loved finding the shells in the sand.  They were everywhere... just under the top layer of sand.

I was trying to play frisbee with Clark.  He did fine, but I think he prefers balls still ;).  

Walking back to our canopy.

Jeff's turn to hang out with the kids.  

Clark enjoying some cheese curls for a snack.

When we were all done with the beach we headed back to the hotel.  I spent time getting everyone showered - or desanding as I like to call it ;).  Everyone was so tired that we all took a late nap :)  (most of us anyway).

That evening we went on a drive to find a place to fish... stay tuned for our fishing adventure :)

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