Thursday, October 25, 2012

Little Mover!!

Our little Lorna just keeps growing and learning new things!  She is still a great baby, but trying to grow up way too fast!

The other week she saw her first Baby Enstien movie.  She really enjoyed watching it!  

She wore one of the girls hand me down dresses a couple of weeks ago.  She is just too cute!

Oh, and she's a little mover!  She started scooting and got really good at going backwards.  Here she is under a chair that she backed under.

So funny

Up on her hands and knees!  She wiggled, she scoots.  She can go forward!!

Loves being able to move!

She made it into the kitchen yesterday too!  She is officially mobile!

Oh and just today I saw her crawl, really crawl!  My word, stop trying to grow up cute baby girl!  We really love our little mover and she sure loves everyone too!  

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